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Coneflower - Purple

Coneflower, Purple

Echinacea angustifolia  (ek-uh-NAY-see-uh an-gus-ti-FOAL-ee-a)



HEIGHT:  2- 3 feet

SPREAD:  3 - 4 feet

SPACING: 1-2 feet

HABIT:  Brightly flowered perennial that blooms early to midsummer. Flowers are dark pink with yellow centers.

CULTURE:  Carefree and drought tolerant.

USES:  Perennial beds, natural areas, and almost anywhere—it’s a great plant.

PROBLEMS:  Few if any.

NOTES:  E. purpurea is a lower-blooming variety with larger flowers. E. ‘White Swan’ is a white-flowering cultivar. Native Texas wildflower that has powerful herbal uses as an immune enhancer.

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