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Coral Honeysuckle Vine


HONEYSUCKLE, CORAL Lonicera sempervirens  (lon-ISS-er-uh sem-per-VYE-rens)

Evergreen - Sun - Vine
Spacing 3 - 8 feet

HABIT:  Climbing vine that needs support to start. Coral-red flowers all summer.

CULTURE:  Grows well in any soil. Is drought tolerant but does better with irrigation, unless overwatered.          

USES:  Climbing vine for fences, walls, arbors, and decorative screens.

PROBLEMS:  Few if any once established.

NOTES:  Good plant for attracting hummingbirds. L. sempervirens Sulphurea is a beautiful yellow-flowering variety. Native eastern USA to Texas.

Q:  We are losing our coral honeysuckle and don't know what the problem is. This picture shows that the leaves are spotted on both sides and seem to be turning inside out. I guess it could be the heat or the full sun or both. When we planted them spring a year ago, they had a really hard time with the hot temps we had. This spring when they came back they were beautiful and stayed that way until the temps cranked up again. Just thought I'd see if you had any ideas. B.Davis

A:  The only things that could causing this are not enough sun and/or too much water. Fix those if they are issues and spray the plants with Garrett Juice Plus and Bio Wash.


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