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COREOPSIS                              Perennial – Sun

Coreopsis spp.                            Ht. 12”-24” Spread 24”

ko-ree-OP-sis                             Spacing 12”-24”

HABIT:  Perennial that looks good most of the year and great while in bloom May to August. Will resend and spread – which is OK. Primarily yellow flowers. C. lanceolata is a pure yellow native. Several hybrids such as ‘Sun Ray’ and ‘Baby Sun’ are on the market, which are excellent. C. tinctoria is an annual with a red center. There are many other choices and most all of them are good.

CULTURE: Easy in any soil, sun to light shade, low water and food needs. Can be planted from seed.

USES:     Summer color, perennial beds, and cut flowers.

PROBLEMS:    Few serious ones.

NOTES:  C. lanceolata is a pure yellow native.  Several excellend hybrids such as 'Sun Ray' and Baby Sun are on the market.  C. tinctoria is an annual with a center.  C. verticillata 'Moonbean" is an excellent fern-leaf perennial.  There are many other choices, and almost all of them are good.


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