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Corky's New Legs Creature Feature

Corky born with Corkscrew Legs

Corky Update:
Corky had his 5 hour surgery on Thursday, April 5th 2012. He is doing very well so far and his pain is being managed quite well. He wants to get up, but doctors are keeping him off of his feet for the time being. He has his bandages and splints changed daily and is getting rehabilitation therapy 4 times a day. Corky's pain will continue to be managed once he is released The Doctors and staff at Casselton Veterinary Services have fallen in love with Corky and are calling him a "star".

Corky has become famous all over the world from as far away as England, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Canada, Argentina and the Netherlands. One thing is sure, EVERYONE loves Corky. For more updates, please follow us on was so inspired by Corkys story that they have done a series on him follow the links : Life with Cats, Life with Cats Update 1Life with Cats Update 2 Life with Cats Update3






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