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Got a huge amount of response to the last newsletter on the cornmeal controversy. Most was positive about how well cornmeal has worked as a disease control, but here’s one response from a different angle:

Thanks for this update. So now cornmeal is good for lots of things, but eating it is a bad idea, yes or no? I know it's engineered, but for my health, must I stop eating all corn products? I hope you have time to answer this little question with your opinion. Thank you. Zuri

Great question. Eating too much corn is not a good idea even without the GMO issue. One reason it works so well as a horticulture product is how well it converts to sugar. In other words, it is very fattening. So, I don’t recommend eating a lot of corn.

On the GMO issue, avoiding corn is not our only problem. The other crops that are commonly genetically modified are: GMO Foods to Avoid.

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