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Cornmeal Story Newsletter



Cornmeal is a fantastic organic tool that is used as a natural disease fighter. The original idea was given to me many years ago by Dr. Joe McFarland, who at the time was head of the A&M Research Station in Stephenville, Texas. Joe and his staff of researchers had discovered that when peanuts followed corn in crop rotation, the common fungal disease rhizoctonia was not a problem. I started experimenting and recommending cornmeal for treatment of various fungal diseases on turf, photinias, Indian hawthorns, roses, fruit trees and seedlings. The results were impressive. Cornmeal is now part of my basic bed preparation specs and part of the Sick Tree Treatment.
Cornmeal in any form can serve as a soil amendment and mild natural fertilizer, but certain kinds of cornmeal also have effective fungal disease fighting properties, due primarily to the fact that cornmeal contains and stimulates a beneficial fungus called trichoderma. Some forms of cornmeal work better than others. I hope the following review is helpful. Here are the various forms of cornmeal.  

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