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Cornmeal for Thrush

My six week-old granddaughter had a spot of thrush (yeast infection) in her mouth. I told my husband I was searching for an antifungal home remedy. He said Howard Garrett would recommend cornmeal.

This is what I did:
Knowing you state a BIG difference in kitchen cornmeal and whole cornmeal, I took some popcorn and ground it up in my mixer. I took equal parts of that and boiling water, mixed it, and let it sit for over an hour. I dipped a cotton swab into the liquid (solids had sunk and the liquid was milky looking) and applied it directly to the "cottony" thrush patches in her mouth. I did this about 6 times that evening - NO MORE THRUSH!!

Thanks Dirt Doctor!

Your faithful grandma listener,

Nancy Nelson

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