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Cornmeal helped kittens' ringworm

Question: I have two rescued kittens diagnosed with ringworm. Is horticultural cornmeal of any benefit to treat this problem?

M.W., Dallas

Answer: It should be helpful, but a cornmeal drench may work better.

Note: A later message from this reader indicated that cornmeal helped.

Question: My rose plants are full of huge rose hips. What are some uses for rose hips, and how can I take advantage of them?

J.B., Richardson

Answer: After the fruits, which you correctly call hips, ripen in late summer or fall, chop them for a salad or add to them to the hot water when making herb tea. But use only hips from rosebushes that have not been sprayed with chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Question: My back yard gets absolutely zero sun. I have tried to get grass to grow there but have failed.

I recently had a guy come out and give me an estimate for St. Augustine grass, but he said it needs at least four hours of sun a day or it will die before next summer.

Please guide me in the right direction for growing grass.

J.H., Wills Point

Answer: No sun, no grass. Both trees and grass need sunshine. Guess which one wins?

You should use mulches and groundcovers and forget about grass unless you want to remove some trees.

Question: My husband and I are having a problem with moths in the pantry. We have asked several employees at home-improvement stores, and none of the advice has worked.

Our latest attempt was to remove everything from the pantry, throw away opened items and use bug bombs twice. We were rid of moths for about a week and then they returned.

K.L., Frisco

Answer: Bombing is the worst thing you could do. Chemical contamination now covers all exposed surfaces and the insects aren't controlled.

Put grain and flour products in the freezer for a day or two after you buy them. Then put out glue traps to catch insects. The traps that work best are shaped like small tents and are available at birdseed supply stores and organic gardening retailers.

Question: What can I use to get rid of mildew on hydrangea bushes?

A.R., Tyler

Answer: Spray them with garlic tea.

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