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Cotoneaster, Rock

COTONEASTER, ROCK                                    Deciduous – Sun

Cotoneaster horizontalis                                    Ht. 2’-3’ Spread 5’-6’

co-ton-ee-AS-ter hor-eh-zon-TALL-us                   Spacing 2’-3’

HABIT: Low, horizontal, spreading; branches are layered and arch downward. Very graceful. Reddish-purple fall color and bare branches in winter. Small pink flowers in late spring. C. dameri is similar to rock cotoneaster but smaller and has larger flowers in the spring. Native to China.

CULTURE:  Must have good drainage. Well-prepared beds are best, and it likes being on the dry side.

USES:  Mass planting, accent, distinctive texture.

PROBLEMS: Several insects and fireblight can attack this plant if in stress.


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