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Cottonseed Meal

Making cottonseed meal safe and effective when fed as the only protein concentrate to pigs in dry lot.

W. L. RobisonOhio Agricultural Experiment Station


At the Ohio Experiment Station 8 tests have been conducted inwhich cottonseed meal has been fed with yellow corn, groundalfalfa, and minerals to growing and fattening pigs that werekept indoors. Thirty-three out of 72 head in the 8 tests, or46 per cent, died. Except in one trial in which there were nodeaths, the mortality ranged from 37.5 to 75 per cent.

In two of the 8 experiments, 8 out of 18 pigs fed cottonseedmeal as a supplement died; whereas there were no deaths amongan equal number similarly fed except that the cottonseed mealfor them was moistened, placed in shallow trays, and autoclavedat 14 pounds pressure for one hour. From studies made with rats,Gallup (1) reported cottonseed meal to have a lower digestibilityafter autoclaving than before. Autoclaving cottonseed meal ona commercial basis at the time of its manufacture would doubtlessmaterially increase the cost of production.

A good natural fertilizer with an acid pH.  Analysis will vary and ranges from 6-2-1 to 7-2-2 with trace elements.  Does have an odor, but is a good organic source of nitrogen. 

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