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Cyperus (Umbrella Plant)

Umbrella Plant

Cyperus alternifolius  (cy-PEAR-us  all-ter-ni-FOAL-ee-us)

Perennial - Sun / Part Shade 

Height 4’-8’  Spread 4’-8’  Spacing 2’-3’ 

HABIT:  Light and graceful plant with thin upright shoots. Dies to ground each winter but returns in the spring. Plant early in the season so root system will develop fully before freeze. More like a shrub than a flower. 

CULTURE:  Likes good planting soil best. Grows well in wet areas and even under water. 

USES:  Accent plant, distinctive foliage, bog or aquatic plant. 

PROBLEMS:  Grasshoppers, severe winter might kill the plant. No problem – buy another one. It is worth it. 

NOTES:  Fun for kids to cut stems in late winter. Remove foliage and put in water upside down - will sprout and root for planting outside the following spring. Native to Madagascar.

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