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Dirt Doctor Weekly Newsletter -  The Idiocy of DDT

I got a call on the radio show Sunday about what I thought about those who are saying that DDT should be put back on the market to kill mosquitoes so children will stop dying in other countries.  My comment was that those people are point blank idiots.

Bald Eagle

The above shot shows a bald eagle that was hunting the same river we were fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  These wonderful birds were in serious trouble and on the brink of extinction because of the recalcitrant toxic chemical DDT.  That should be enough to convince any thinking person that this stuff should certainly not be re-introduced here.  And there are other reasons.

Mosquitoes can be controlled with other products and techniques that work well and don’t pollute the world.  They are covered in detail under Mosquito Control Recommendations on  Unfortunately DDT is still available in other countries so why all the moaning that it’s not available?  On the other hand, it and many other dangerous pesticides should be banned everywhere.

Rachel Carson was right.  We agree with her that we have nothing against pesticides, only those that control pests poorly.

                                                      Scene in Jackson Hole

Oh yes, I should mention that the shots of the Jackson Hole/Yellowstone National Park trip are available for you to see on the web site Dirt .  Hope you enjoy them.

Naturally yours,

Howard Garrett
The Dirt Doctor


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