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DE Test Results to Rodents

From Feeding a 5% Ration of Codex Food-grade Diatomaceous

M. Burke, Ph.D. Arizona State University, Division of Life Sciences, Tempe, Arizona

Comparison of test and control groups of rats where test and control groups were fed identical rations, i.e. e. 5% codex food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE).  Significant differences were manifested in weight gains.  The DE tested group of males had an average weekly gain of 6.4% over the control group of male animals.  There was no evidence observed relative to residual silica contend of the test versus control animals.  NOTE:  The DE apparently had some growth stimulating effect during the early growth period.  From a chemical analysis viewpoint it becomes apparent that many of the trace elements present are the same elements necessary for cell growth and metabolism.  A second factor that may have influenced the growth rate is the property for the absorbability of the special grade of DE.  Although hypothetical at this time, it may be that food was absorbed into the surface of the diatom particles.  This would assist in the enzyme action with the result of greater products of digestion being available to the animals.

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