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DAFFODIL (Jonquils)

Perennial – Sun

Narcissus narr-SIS-us

HEIGHT 9"-18" Spread 12"-18"

Spacing 6"-12"


HABIT: Lovely bell-shaped flowers in early spring. Colors are white, yellow, orange, and combinations. Foliage of vertical blades from the ground. Flowers last about two weeks, usually less. The smaller white narcissus has same characteristics.


CULTURE: Plant bulbs in the fall in loose organic beds with good drainage. Add 1 tablespoon bone meal per bulb and work into the soil before planting. Foliage must be left to turn brown on the plant before removing, to form the bulbs for next year.


USES: Spring flowers, naturalized area, cutting garden.


PROBLEMS: Snails, slugs.







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