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Daisy - Gerber


I have a double gerber daisy growing in a pot in my backyard and thought it was pretty and unusual.   Kind of made me think of a siamese twin.  L.S., Coppell



DAISY, GERBERA                                      Annual / Morning Sun

Gerbera jamesonii                                        Ht. 12”-18” Spread 12”-15”

GER-ba-ra jaym-SON-ee-eye                         Spacing: 12”

HABIT: Showy, daisy like flower in many colors on long stems. Large lettuce-looking foliage and very showy flowers in various shades of reds, pinks, and yellows. Mulch heavily.

CULTURE: Plant in moist but well-drained soil and fertilize every two weeks.

USES: Color for cooler parts of the growing season. Container plant.

PROBLEMS:  Whiteflies, slugs, and snails. Doesn’t like hot weather.

NOTES:  Use a few in the early spring for a splash of color, but don’t invest a lot of money in these plants.


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