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Daisy - Gloriosa



DAISY, GLORIOSA (Black-eyed Susan)                    Perennial – Sun

Rudbeckia hirta                                                          Ht. 18”-3’ Spread 18”-24”

rude-BECK-ee ah HIR-ta                                              Spacing 12”-18”


HABIT:              Fuzzy foliage and yellow flowers with dark brown centers that bloom June into August.

CULTURE:         Grows OK in dry soil but responds favorably to moist well-prepared beds. Needs good drainage. Can be planted from seed or pots.

USES:                Summer flowers, low water areas.

PROBLEMS:       None.

NOTES:              Also called coneflower. Native to Texas. Rudbeckia ‘Goldstrum’ is an improved variety.  Can be planted from seed or pots.

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