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Dallas Morning News - July 7, 2016

Q.  Any idea what kind of bug this is?  It’s on my beans.  Not sure if its a good bug or bad.  G. P. 
A.  This pretty moth is the squash vine borer. Bad guy! See the Library entry on our web site. Injecting one of the Bt products like Thuricide into the stems of young plants is the best preventive.

Q.  My back yard has several beautiful live oaks, red oaks, and Japanese black pine. I have a small are that I would like to plant a unique tree to be the centerpiece of my back yard. What trees would you recommend that are either deciduous or evergreen to be a focal point? The area gets sun and water.  A. B. Dallas
A.  Some of my favorite uncommon small trees that you should consider are Persian ironwood, cat's claw acacia, Canadian red chokecherry and paperbark maple. They will be harder to find but worth the effort. Great uncommon trees that I'd put in the "medium size" category include bigtooth maple, Mexican white oak and Lacey oak.

Q.  I recently bought a large Aralia that I've kept inside because it's so hot. I watered it once with GJ Pro. White soft-bodied bugs showed up on stems and leaves that I cleaned off with diluted orange oil. They are reappearing. Should I: 
Return it?
Repeat removal w/ orange oil?
Plant it now or wait until cooler weather?
How long can I keep it in the nursery pot?
M. C. Addison, TX
A.  If you spray Garrett Juice with 2 oz of orange oil added, that should do the trick unless the plant is really sick for some reason. Plant it outside in the shade now. Being inside is probably the problem.
Q. Building a new house in eastern Colorado Springs and not familiar with soil here. Will I need to add topsoil before lying sod/seeding the yard and if so approximately how much would I need to add per foot?  K. U. Colorado Springs, CO
A.  No new soil is needed anywhere in the country not unless changing the grade or leveling is needed. Turf will grow just fine in native soil under the organic program.

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