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Dallas Morning News - June 19, 2019

Garrett Juice History and Uses


I have been accused of drinking Garrett Juice to stay healthy. There are a lot of impressive things Garrett Juice will do but improving human health is probably not one of them. 

Garrett Juice is more of a concept than a specific product. It evolved over a period of years as I explained how to make an effective organic foliar feeding mix. What most organic folks used for foliar sprays in the early days was compost tea. Later liquid fish products were mixed with the compost tea for more fertilizer power. Then alert organic practitioners noticed the work of Dr. T.L.Senn at Clemson. He had discovered the foliar feeding benefits of liquid seaweed as well as its insect control properties. 

I had a hunch and added molasses as an ingredient to increase the efficacy of the spray. Then the final component of Garrett Juice came about after an arborist buddy of mine discovered that adding a pH lowering acid to his fish and seaweed sprays helped make the ingredients more bio-available to plants in his oak wilt work. That gave me the idea of adding vinegar to the mix – voila! The vinegar also seemed to act as a synergist to help all the other ingredients be more available and effective.



The basic formula is now compost tea, molasses, apple cider vinegar and seaweed, but the other ingredients have varied. The commercial products use liquid humate (for more consistency than compost tea) and contain beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi.

As always, my formulas are available to all for mixing at home or work, but the commercial products from three manufacturers are for gardeners and contractors who don’t like mixing home brews. Garrett Juice is an excellent liquid fertilizer, effective root stimulator, one of the best bud and flower producers and a basic soil life stimulator. To make your own, here are the latest instructions:

Garrett Juice (ready to spray). Mix the following in a gallon of water.
1 cup of compost tea or liquid humate
1 ounce of liquid molasses
1 ounce of apple cider vinegar
1 ounce of liquid seaweed

For Garrett Juice Plus and more fertilizer value add: 
1- 2 of ounces of liquid fish (fish hydrolysate) per gallon of spray.

For disease and insect control add one of the following:
¼ cup garlic tea,
¼ cup garlic/pepper tea,
1 - 2 ounces of orange oil or 1 tablespoon of PureGro Bug Stop or BioSafe

For homemade fire ant killer called Mound Drench add: 
2 ounces of orange oil per gallon of Garrett Juice.
Important note - it is the additions that control pests, not the Garrett Juice. 

Garrett Juice Concentrate: Mix the following: 1 gallon of compost tea or liquid humate, 1 pint liquid seaweed, 1 pint apple cider vinegar, and 1 pint molasses. To make Garrett Juice Plus add 1 pint fish hydrolysate (liquid fish). Use 2 ounces of the above ingredients per gallon of water for the ready-to-use spray.




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