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Dallas Morning News - May 22, 2019

Sick Tree Treatment Updates

The solution to most all tree problems – other woody plants too – even the most serious ones, is the Sick Tree Treatment. Although I talk about and recommend this solution often, there is often a bit of confusion about the details. Let me fill in some of the cracks in the treatment explanation to hopefully make things a bit clearer. 

First, the Sick Tree Treatment is not a product – it is a procedure. The expanded details are explained in my books and on but the formula is basically this: stop using the synthetic products, expose the base of the plant (the flare), aerate the root zone physically or with hydrogen peroxide, apply the organic amendments we use for bed preparation (compost, rock minerals and sugars), spray the soil and drench the root zone with Garrett Juice and treat any damaged bark tissue with the Tree Trunk Goop (equal amounts of compost, Azomite and water).


Expose the base of the woody plant (the flare)

Even with all that, questions still arise - so here are some footnotes to add to my recently updated Sick Tree Treatment 2019. 

The Sick Tree Treatment can be repeated, but in most cases when done thoroughly and correctly, one treatment is enough to relieve the stress in the plant by dramatically improving the health of the soil in the root zone. Repeated applications usually would be a waste of money. If the soil is extremely bad - heavy clay, sugar sand, contaminated, seriously compacted, etc. additional applications may be needed and would create no horticultural problems.


Lava sand and dry molasses  

Whole ground cornmeal

The area of application is the root zone of the plant.  That’s basically from about halfway between the trunk and drip line out to about twice the width of the drip line area. For most residential lots this means treating the entire property, which of course would help all the other plants as well as the tree being treated.

The order of product application is unimportant and if more convenient, products can all be mixed together before application. One warning. Cornmeal mixed with the other products and left in bags or even in a truck for more than about an hour or so will create such furious microbial activity that a terrific odor will be created.  The neighbors will not be happy with you. Mixing it together with the other products and applying it right away is not problem.


Several inches of soil may need to be removed 

Healthy root flare exposed

And finally. All the steps do not have to be made a one time. They can be done one step at a time as the schedule and budget dictate. It is truly amazing how quickly and how effectively this method works. Give a shot.




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