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Dichondra (Dichondra micrantha) I like this plant more than grass in certain situations. Perennial lawn plant or ground cover. Very low growing, spreads by runners. Foliage looks like tiny lily pads. Likes partial to heavy shade and moist soil. Excellent between stepping stones. Sometimes used as turf. Many people don’t understand that dichondra is a beautiful ground cover instead of a noxious weed to be sprayed with toxic herbicides. Can be killed with broadleaf herbicides, but why? If you don’t like it, let the soil dry out more between watering. Sometimes sold as Dichondra carolinensis or Dichondra repens. Dichondra is often confused with dollarweed which has larger, more vertical growing and shiny leaves. Both plants can be controlled with Agralawn Crabgrass Killer.



Yellow Dichondra


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