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Dilution Solution

How to dilute is a constant question to the Dirt Doctor.  

How do I make 20% vinegar to 10% vinegar?
In Simple terms:  
You want to reduce the strength of the vinegar 
by 1/2  (from 20% to 10%)
Remove 1/2 of the total contents from your container and set aside.

Then replace with water the amount that you removed from container,
which will give you 10% Vinegar Solution.
Do the same for the portion of vinegar you set aside.
You will now have 2 containers of 10% vinegar. 

How do I make 30% vinegar to 10%?
In Simple terms:  You want to reduce the strength of the vinegar
by 2/3 (from 30% to 10%)
Divide the vinegar from your container into 3 equal amounts.

Return one part (1/3) of the amount back into the orginal container
Replace with water the amount you removed from original container.
Do the same with the two remaining 1/3 parts vinegar you set aside. 
You will now have 3 containers of 10% vinegar.

If anyone has an easier method or any comments,
please write to us at subject: dilution


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