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Dirt Dauber Wasps Newsletter



More Helpful than You Might Think


The natural organic pest control talks that I present at Mother Earth Fairs and other venues include details about why beneficial insects are so important to protect. Everyone seems to know about the ladybugs and praying mantises, but some insects are surprises. All wasps, for example are beneficial because they eat problem caterpillars, but the mud dauber wasp is more beneficial than many realize. The nests do tend to look a little messy in the garage, on the side of the house or in the boat house, but there is a strong reason to leave them alone.

Here’s a dirt dauber’s (mud dauber) nest open when a window was opened and damaged it showing what the adult wasps were bringing back to feed their young. Not only were spiders there, but a high percentage of black widows!


The closely kin potter's wasp builds pretty little pots.


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