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I just did a Dallas Morning News column about the best way to design dog runs, along with a plug for the SPCA dogs at the Dallas and McKinney locations. Wanted to do that to help several dogs that we have featured but not yet been adopted. Here’s that information for those in the North Texas area and info about other rescue organizations around the country.


Dog runs don’t need to be large, and the best flooring is smooth concrete. It is easy to clean and keeps the dog's nails worn down.


Being easy to clean is important because sometime bags of much, compost and other fun things just blow up!

Here’s one of the great available dogs, Nino Brown, at the Dallas SPCA.

Check this link to see and read about several of the available dogs: SPCA Pet Adoption - June 28

For those in the rest of the country, here are two rescue organization websites:
Dallas Morning News Article: July 3, 2018

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