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Drunken Sailor Vine


Ragoon Creeper, Drunken Sailor, Scarlet Ragoon

Quisqualis indica

Tender evergreen   Sun   Height 30’+  Spread 30’+   Spacing 20

HABIT: Gorgeous, lush, root hardy, fast growing twining vine, with very fragrant flower clusters of white, pink, & red flowers all summer & fall.  Flowers open white, change to pink, then bright red over a 2-3 day period, sun.  Fairly drought tolerant.

CULTURE: Average water and fertilizer needs. Once established is drought tolerant. Easy to grow from seeds or transplants in the spring. Likes rich healthy soils.

USES: Fast growing colorful vine, attracts butterflies, adds evening garden fragrance.

PROBLEMS: Can become invasive.

NOTES:  Vine that should be used more. Very dramatic.

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