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Edamame  is a specialty soybean harvested when the seed (bean) is immature.  They are harvested when the pods are 80 -   90 percent full.

Edamame varieties are more tender and they cook faster than a field soybean. It is suggested to buying varieties of Edamame if you plan on harvesting the soybeans. The seeds of Edamame are rich in protein and are highly nutritious.  Worldwide, it is a minor crop, but is quite popular in East Asia.

Here in the US, Edamame is known by many names.  The most common is vegetable soybean, beer bean, green soybean and several other names.  The word ‘Edamame” means “beans on a branch.”

As a snack, they are delicious The whole bean pods are boiled in salted water for about eight minutes, then given an ice water b bath ( blanched), and re salted.  You just simply squeeze Edamame with your fingers and pop the beans right into your mouth. 

Edamame is ready for harvest when the pods appear full and green, but not left so long that the pods begin to turn yellow and dry.

 Nutritional Information

Per 1 cup service of Edamame
Percent Daily Value:
   Calories, 125
   Protein 12.1
   Carbohydrates 13.1
   Fat 3.6
   Calcium 9.3
   Phosphorus 180.0
   Iron 1.7 
   Sodium 5.0
   Vitamin A  130.0
   Vitamin B   40.0
   Vitamin C 40.0
   Edamame is also rich in amino acid.
   Dietary Fiber 14.0
   Potassium 7.0

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