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Eldarica Pine Tree Insect Problem

 A widely planted pine tree is running into trouble in Texas.   Eldarica pine has been planted all over the state -- in home landscape, commercial projects, even along the highways.  It's been commonly sold as a good living Christmas tree choice.  The only problem is that most of these trees planted in the eastern half of the state are dying.  Eldarica, also known as Mondell and Afghan pine, is a desert tree.  It has no chance of living long term in an irrigated landscape.  It also has serious problems with the normal amount of rainfall and soil conditions we see in most of the state.  After the root system gets in trouble from too much moisture the insects attack the tree trunks.  It does okay in West Texas, but everywhere else it's getting root fungal disease and borers in the trunk.  Nothing can be done short of applying the Sick Tree Treatment to postpone the inevitable results.

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