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Sambucus canadensis                         content_img.1555.img.jpg      
sam-BEW-cus can-ah-DEN-sis 

Perennial – Sun to Part Shade                            
Spacing: 6’-8’
Ht. 10’-12’ Spread 8’-10’

HABIT:  White flower clusters in spring. Edible
purple-black berries ripen in August.

CULTURE: Shrubby, tall, and multitrunked. Grows easily to 12’ . Plant and stay out of the way.


USES:   Excellent for attracting birds. Diuretic. Flower heads and berries are used for wines, jellies, pies, and excellent fritters. Good landscape plant. Delicious berries if you can get them before the birds do.

PROBLEMS:  Invasive.

NOTES:  Known for its ability to produce humus quickly. 
There are cultivars available that have dark purple foliage and make an excellent landscape choice.


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