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Elm - Cedar


Ulmus crassifolia           (ULL-mus krass-ee-FOAL-ee-uh)

Deciduous        Sun                  Height  80 feet     Spread 60 feet    Spacing 20 - 40 feet


HABIT:             Upright, moderate growth, yellow/gold fall color, irregular growth pattern, rough-textured leaves.

CULTURE:        Any soil, drought tolerant but can stand fairly wet soil also. Can be severely damaged by removing lower limbs.

USES:              Shade tree. Street tree.

PROBLEMS:     Aphids, elm leaf beetle, mildew, mistletoe


NOTES:            Referred to as gpoor manfs live oak.h Winged elm (Ulmus alata) close kin, same characteristics as cedar elm with the addition of wings on the stems. Seems to be sensitive to air pollution. Native southern USA to West Texas



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