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Elm - Lacebark

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ELM, LACEBARK         Drake Elm

Ulmus parvifolia sempervirens  (ULL-mus par-vi-FOAL-ee-uh sem-per-VYE-rens)

Deciduous        Sun                  Height 50 feet       Spread 40 feet            Spacing 20 - 30 feet


HABIT:  Upright and spreading, delicate foliage on limber stems, trunk bark is distinctively mottled. Fall color is so-so yellow.

CULTURE:        Easy to grow in most soils, drought tolerant although cannot tolerate wet soil. Almost evergreen in the Houston area.

USES:              Shade tree.

PROBLEMS:     Cotton root rot. Very tender bark in early spring just at leaf break.

NOTES:            Often confused with Siberian elm (Ulmus pumila), which is a trash tree. Sold as Drake elm, evergreen elm or Chinese elm. Native to China.


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