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Step-by-Step: Sending E-mail Attachments

Here's how to e-mail documents, spreadsheets, photos or any other type of file. We're using Microsoft Outlook, but most e-mail programs, even Web-based e-mail like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, work the same way.

1. Open your e-mail program, launch a new message window and compose your message.

Step 1: Write a message

2. Click the attachment icon (the paper clip) or insert the file by selecting from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click on the attachment iconStep 2: Click on the attachment icon

3.Browse your hard drive or removable disks to locate the file you want to attach. Click it to highlight the name, then click the Insert button.

Step 3: Browse your hard drive or removable disksStep 3: Click the INSERT button

4.An icon or message should now appear indicating that the file has been attached.

The attachment icon appears in the message

5.Finally, click the Send button and off it goes!

Step 5: Click the SEND button

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