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English Ivy

ENGLISH IVY Hedera helix (​HEAD-eh-rah HE-lix)

Evergreen Vine for shade to part shade

Height 1-50’ Vine and Groundcover Spacing 12” (G.C.) 4’ (Vine)

HABIT:  Relatively fast growing vine for north exposure or other shady spot. Excellent groundcover for shade or partial shade. Will climb any surface.

CULTURE:  Needs good bed preparation, good drainage and mulch for establishment. Keep trimmed from windows, eaves and the canopy of trees. Plant used as groundcover should be trimmed back in late winter/early spring just like all groundcovers but with more care. ‘Needlepoint’ and ‘Hahns’ ivy are smaller leafed cultivars. ‘Wilsoni’ is a crinkled leaf choice. Native to Europe, Asia and Africa. Persian ivy Hedra colchica is an excellent ground cover with large leaves. Zones 4 - 8.

USES:  Groundcover for shade and part sun, vine for shade.

PROBLEMS:  Aphids, cotton root rot, leaf spot, root and stem fungus.

English Ivy Disease


Dry molasses and horticultural cornmeal will help quite a bit, the best long-term plan is to convert over to Persian ivy. It is a better looking ground cover and does not have the disease problems

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