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Environmental Toxins Killing Children

Environmental Toxins Killing 13 Million Children Per Year

African ChildThe World Health Organization (WHO) has released the most extensive research to date on the impacts of environmental toxins on children's health. The report indicates that over 30% of childhood diseases can be linked to exposure to environmental toxins.

According to WHO researchers, 13 million deaths could be prevented annually by improving the environment. The vulnerability of children is increased in degraded and poor environments. The report states that due to environment-related diseases, one in five children in the poorest parts of the world will not live longer than their fifth birthday.

The Organic Consumers Association's "Appetite for a Change" campaign is focused on implementing policies and practices that can one day provide a safe environment for our children.

The Four Appetite for a Change Goals:
  • STOP spraying toxic pesticides on school property, playgrounds and in buildings, and convert to integrated pest management practices.
  • KICK junk foods and junk food ads out of our schools.
  • START converting school lunches to healthier menus, using locally grown and/or organic and transition to organic ingredients (no pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, irradiation or genetically engineered ingredients). Offer vegetarian options.
  • TEACH kids about healthy food choices and sustainable agriculture through school garden projects and curriculum materials.

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