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Evergreen Viburnum

(Evergreen viburnum)

Viburnum odoratissimum (vi-BURN-um oh-doe-ra-TISS-eh-mum)
Evergreen Sun or shade Height 10′ Spread 5′–7′Spacing 4′–6′
HABIT:  Upright growth on thick stems. Large glossy leaves turning a slight bronze color in fall. Bushy, but can be trimmed into a tree form.
CULTURE:  Well-prepared, well-drained bed, moderate water and food needs.
USES:  Specimen, screen, background. Foliage is wonderful cut-flower material. It is long lasting—in fact, it will easily root in water.
PROBLEMS:  Few if any that are normal.
NOTES:  This plant is often sold as V. macrophyllum. V. macrocephalum is  Chinese snowball. V. burkwoodi is an excellent semi-evergreen. V. caricephalum is fragrant viburnum. V. blanco is a small – leafed cultivar.


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