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Grackle and Starling Roost Abatement

Falconry bird control. The new GREEN way to disperse grackle and starling winter roosts

Cole and "the Boys"

The "Boys" Inside


Moving winter roosting grackles, starlings and cowbirds is our forte. Our team of captive bred Harris's Hawks are the most experienced raptors in the country at performing this task, and they are serious about their work. If you are a starling, grackle, cowbird or crow, the last thing you want is their complete and undivided attention. We are the Green Solution to your pest bird problem.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to get the word out about falconry roost abatement.
Several of the SPA permit holders got together to form "TAAAP". The Texas Association of Avian Abatement Professionals.  

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