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Fall - Plant Cool Season Crops

It’s fall and the perfect time to plant coriander, sugar snaps, spinach, greens, radish, dill, carrots and many other crops on the farm and in the home garden.

Now for some tips on how to prepare the soil and plant these cool season crops. The proper natural bed preparation is done by adding the following to existing native soil - compost, lava sand, greensand, cornmeal and organic fertilizer.

Then plant carrots, greens, spinach, radishes, coriander and sugar snaps and other cool weather loving plants by broadcasting the seed and either lightly raking them into the soil or lightly topdressing with compost.

Transplants for some of these plants are available in the organic nurseries. Water daily with a soft sprinkle until the plants are one inch tall – then cut back on the water and thin the plants to the spacing recommended on the packets. It’s also the perfect time to plant garlic cloves. Plant winter grass – things like rye and/or fescue and clover after cutting the summer grasses very short.


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