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Fire Ants Explode After Rain

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Fire ants in the south have now exploded following the heavy rains. Here's the  updated 3-Step Organic Program that works to control this man-made problem.

1.  Treat the site.  Apply beneficial nematodes. These are living organisms and must be used before the expiration date and/or before they die in the package. They will also control other insect pests in the soil. The alternative is to apply dry molasses at 20 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

2.  Drench mounds with the mound drench formula. Pour the mound drench formula into the center of the viable mounds and apply beneficial nematodes at label directions. Here's the mound drench formula.  Mix equal amounts of compost tea, molasses and orange oil. Use 4-6 ounces of this concentrate per gallon of water and use as a drench to kill fire ants and other pests in the ground. Use a container that pours a solid stream of liquid.   Pour into one spot in the center of the mound. This causes the mix to go quickly to the bottom of the mound where the queens will probably be kept. Then pour the remainder of the mix in a circular pattern covering the entire mound. You might want to save a little to splash those ants trying to run away or worse, up your legs. Rev. 4/10




3.  Go organic and use the entire Basic Program. The biodiversity of  microbes, insects and other animals is the long term control. 

Newsletter 10/09

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