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Firecracker Fern

COMMON NAMES:  Red Firecracker Fern, Firecracker Plant, Coral Fountain Plant

BOTANICAL NAMES:  Russelia equisetiformis. Family: Scrophulariaceae

HABIT:  Free flowering tender shrubby perennial (generally root hardy), rushlike hanging almost leafless stems, bright red to orange tubular 1/2 inch long flowers. It looks like a fountain of green, fine textured stems covered in colorful tubular flowers originating from a central point. Excellent summer color for sun to partial shade, good container plant, blooms spring to fall. 

CULTURE:  Easy to grow but does best in well-prepared soil. Excellent heat and sun tolerance as well as moderate drought resistance once well established. It is a clump forming perennial but stems may root where they touch bare soil. In areas where temperatures fall below about 25°F it will typically act as a die-back perennial, even into zone 8 if given a protected location. Like most root hardy tropical plants, it will be best to establish your plants early in the season so that they can develop a large and vigorous root system before winter sets in. Good drainage and loose breathable mulch is key, especially where winters are cold and wet.

USES:  Excellent for hummingbirds! This is a durable and long-lived, clump forming perennial that requires little additional care once well established. It looks great spilling from containers, raised beds, over walls and can be used as an informal groundcover. 


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