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Flea repellent for pets


Natural therapies are making a big comeback for both people and their pets. Besides the improved good health of your pets, there are distinct advantages for using essential oils with your pets. The essential oils repel the fleas, ticks, and other parasites that try to make a home on your dog and cats body. Here are a few good remedies to rid you and your pet of those pesky parasites. Not only will these first two remedies disinfect your pet, but will condition their coat as well.

Add 1 to 2 drops, depending on your pet’s size, of either Lemongrass or Citronella oil to their shampoo and then use as usual. This not only works great but also leaves your pet smelling wonderful.

Take a brush and a piece of material the same size as the face of the brush, the material needs to be thick, using a piece of an old bath towel would work great. Pull the material down over the teeth of the brush, about 1-inch above the base of the brush. Now prepare a bowl of warm water with either 4 drops of Cedarwood or Pine oil and soak the brush before using on your pet’s coat. As you brush your pet the fleas and other parasites and eggs will be collected on the brush. The brush must be rinsed out several times in the solution of water during this process.

If your pet is suffering seriously from fleas or other parasites, put 4 drops of Cedarwood or Lavender oil directly on the cloth, as above, and rub the material together to disperse the oil before putting it on the brush. Now use with plain warm water and rinse several times while brushing your pet.

Now after shampooing, and brushing your pet till their coat is soft and shining and rid of flea’s, let’s keep them away by making your own natural essential oil flea collar. Most commercially made flea collars are mad with toxic chemicals, which can be absorbed through the skin of our pets and us. An essential oil collar provides excellent protection against flea’s and is very cheap and easy to make. Buy a soft material collar, the collar does not have to be expensive, and soak it in the following mixture.

1/2 Tsp Alcohol
1 drop Cedarwood
1 drop Lavender
1 drop Citronella
1 drop Thyme
4 Garlic Capsules

Break open the garlic capsules and add to the liquids above, blend your ingredients together, pour the mixture over the collar until all is absorbed. Let dry completely before putting on your pet, it should keep the fleas off for about 30 days. Blood is the flea’s only food, but when garlic is detected in it they will leave well enough alone. Add 1 to 2 capsules of garlic to your pets diet during the spring and summer months. Now as you can see each process is really quite simple and inexpensive, but the wonderful thing about these remedies is they are all natural with no harmful chemicals added.

Written by Kim Draper - © 2002 Pagewise


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