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Fleas and Ticks


Homemade Fire Ant Mound Drench - mix one part compost tea, one part molasses, and one part citrus oil concentrate. Mix at 4-6 ounces per gallon of water for treating fire ant mounds.  Add 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar per gallon water to the pets drinking water. Brush and exercise them regularly.   

  1. Spray the infested site with one of the organic mound drench products  or any citrus oil, compost tea, and molasses mix. For tick problems spray up on shrubs, trunks of trees, sides of buildings, etc.
  2. Treat the site with beneficial nematodes. These are living organisms so use before the date deadline on the package.
  3. Dust pet sleeping quarters, if necessary, with natural diatomaceous earth.
  4. Bathe pets with herbal shampoos. The most effective products contain citrus (d-limonene) and tea tree oil (melaleuca).
  5. Spray the site regularly with Garrett Juice.          

Question: We are having a problem with fleas in our house. We acquired them recently when we tried to assist a stray cat.I am so desperate that I am thinking of using chemicals everywhere just to get rid of the fleas. M.R., Frisco

Answer: Spray inside and out with an orange oil product. Then apply beneficial nematodes to the soil outdoors.

Question: Can you tell me whether or how to use Frontline for flea control in dogs? The staff at our vet's office says it is not toxic. I believe you have talked about this before. S.H., Keller

Answer: I think that product is too toxic, and I would not use it. The only "spot on the back" flea-control product I recommend and use as a last resort is Revolution. It is a pharmaceutical product rather than a pesticide and must be purchased from a vet. If he or she objects, change vets.

Tip from listener V. Ross: We have always used Brewers Yeast to keep fleas off the cat(s) we have owned. The Brewers Yeast repels the fleas but does not kill them. You can get pills that they can just crunch up like a snack & they seem to enjoy it. You can put some in with their food and they seem to self-regulate & stop when they have enough. Not sure about dogs but one or two pills a day would probably work for a dog. We lived near a forested area that our cat went into to hunt and never saw a flea except riding on the ends of his fur, nowhere near his skin. I believe it repels ticks too. No science, just our experience.

Tip from listener M. Dwyer: I also use brewers yeast, when I remember. I bought a pound the last time, powder, I think intended for horses. Sprinkle a teaspoon or so over dry food, they love it. Vitamin B is supposedly the active part of it.


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