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Flies and Lice on Cattle

Feed all livestock natural diatomaceous earth (DE) at 2% of the daily intake and spray if needed with orange oil or garlic products. See diatomaceous earth for more information. Swimming pool or other treated DE should never be used.

Spinosad products work well to control these pests.

Spinosad has been formulated into two commercial products registered for use in commercial agriculture, including DowAgros' Conserve SC, and Entrust. Entrust is approved for use on USDA certified organic produce.


There are several home garden product manufactured for use in the United States including Monterey Garden Insect Spray manufactured by Lawn and Garden Products, Inc. and 'Borer, Bagworm, Tent Caterpillar & Leafminer Spray' manufactured by Ferti-Lome. Bonide Products has introduced spinosad in its Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew insect control product line.


The products have practically no odor. Its soil absorption is moderately strong and it degrades rapidly in the environment primarily through photolysis.


Spinosad is also the active ingredient in Comfortis, a chewable flea medication for pets

It is acceptable in the organic program.  It was developed from a living organism, has little to no toxicity and seems to work well. It is for sure better than diazinon, Dursban, orthene and the synthetic pyrethroids.


“ Be very careful using these product, especially the liquid ones, because they are deadly to bees.”



Hanging clear plastic bags of water also keep flies away.

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