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Fluoride Should be Eliminated from City Water Newsletter

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Toxic Chemical Fluoride Should be Eliminated from City Water

Yes, fluoride!

"Fluoride is a persistent and nondegradable poison that accumulates in soil, plants, wildlife, and humans."

"[Sodium flouride] is obtained as a waste product from the superphosphate fertilizer industry containing other toxic arsenic, lead, and even traces of radioactive isotopes."

These quotes came from the following: Beyond Pesticides

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Fluoride Links on Dirt ... n/id/3131/ ... n/id/1277/ ... n/id/1824/ ... n/id/3255/

Dogs Against Fluoride

Howard's dog Tater is featured on this website page.

Over 100 Links on this site.
The topics on Fluroide available to read at the above link.
Fluoride free water
Latest Fluoride News
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Fluoride: The Invisible Killer (the deadly science behind fluoride)
Infants Overdosed with Fluoride
The Fluoride Glut!
Europe Says "NO" to Fluoridated Water
Fluoride is a deadly poison, it even says so on your fluoridated toothpaste.
The Dangers Associated with Fluoride! (Dental fluorosis affects children the most.)
Parents Say "NO" to Fluoride in Milk
Stop Fluoride Poisoning
The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview
Hundreds of Sources to Read about the Dangers of the Toxic Pollutant Fluoride
Why EPA's Headquarters Professionals' Union Opposes Fluoridation
Source of Fluoride Exposure: Data from Published Literature
Fluoride Dangers to the Thyroid
Fluoridation: A 50 Year Old Blunder and Cover-up
Fluoride is a deadly poison, it even says so on your fluoridated toothpaste.
Don't use regular toothpaste!

Here’s a good web site about what’s going on in Dallas to try to stop fluoridation.

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