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Formula for Health

Recommendations for Nutrition and Health

EXERCISE Regularly
• Movement is the key. Stay active. Don’t be sedentary.
• Walk or do more vigorous exercise on a regular basis.
trans.gif• Walk the dog, whether you have a dog or not.trans.gif
• Park farther from the store entrance.
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
trans.gif• Work out with a partner or join a yoga, fitness or martial arts class.trans.gif• Swim, jump rope, do your own gardening, etctrans.gif
• Don’t use aluminum cookware.
trans.gif• Don’t use Teflon or any other coated cookware.trans.gif• Don’t store food in plastic bags or containers.trans.gif• Don’t heat food in plastic containers.trans.gif
• Don’t use microwave ovens.
trans.gif• Avoid perfumes, chemical air fresheners and aluminum deodorants.trans.gif
• Avoid styrofoam containers.
trans.gif• Avoid all chemically treated wood.trans.gif• Avoid chlorine and other pool chemicals.trans.gif• Don’t use products containing fluoride.

Avoid the Following

All foods containing artificial sweeteners
Bread/Rice – No white bread or white rice.
Chemically preserved food
Diet soft drinks and foods
Instant anything
Production chicken
Processed foods
Oils - Avoid vegetable oils
Salt -  USE Sea salt instead of regular sodium chloride  
Plastic containers - none
Fragrances – Avoid all perfumes, air fresheners, deodorants, etc.
Tobacco – no tobacco in any way.
Styrofoam cups – Don’t drink from, especially hot drinks
Pesticides/Fertilizers – Avoid all toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
Treated wood – Avoid all chemically treated wood products
Swimming pools/Cleaning Products – Avoid chlorine

Limit the Following
trans.gifBeer and wine
Cookies, cakes, etc. made with natural sweeteners
Night shades if you are arthritic
Non-grass fed meats
Non-organic fruits and veggies
Non-organic milk, cheese and egg products
Organic soy products

 Water - Drink, shower and
bathe in clear water. If you don’t know the source of the water, assume it is contaminated. Drink filtered water when possible. Distilled water is no good – has no trace minerals. Drink water from glass or stainless steel rather than water from plastic bottles. Plastic, especially the soft plastic bottles, outgases contaminants that accumulate in the body and negatively affect your health.


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