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Four O'Clock Flower


FOUR O’CLOCK                                                      Perennial – Shade to Part Shade

Mirabilis jalapa                                                            Ht. 2’-4’ Spread: 2’-3’

mee-RAH-bi-lis ha-LAH-pa                                       Spacing: 18”-24”


HABIT:           Fragrant trumpet shaped red, pink, yellow, and white flowers that open in mid afternoon. Upright growing, summer flowering perennial. Sow seed in full sun in early spring for color from midsummer to fall. Reseeds readily. As name implies, flowers open in late afternoon and last into the evening. Drought tolerant. Very tough perennial, can survive lots of abuse.


CULTURE:    Easy to grow in any soil but responds to healthy beds.


USES:             Summer color.


PROBLEMS:  Can develop into a weedy pest.


File:4 o'clock blooms.jpg


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