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GWG Wood Group

Superior Quality Landscaping Products and Services.
Landscape Products
  • High quality organic compost created from tree trimmings and vegetable surplus.
  • Mother Earth compost lava sand mix.
  • Native shredded tree trimming mulch.
  • Cedar mulch

High Quality Compost

Native Shredded Tree Trimming Mulch

Playground Surfacing
  • Organic safe-fall playground mulch is made 100% from virgin wood fiber, so it doesn’t need to be topped off or raked frequently.

High Quality Safe-Fall Playground Surface

Wood Grinding
  • Whether it’s clearing for a construction site or pipeline right of way or grinding bushes and trees for municipalities, GWG comes on-site for start to finish grinding.
  • On-site grinding of stock piled brush, trees, or wood.
GWG Wood Group is the preferred landscape supplier for landscape architects, municipalities, school districts, nurseries, playground installers, daycare facilities, and many more.
Premium landscaping products and on-site grinding throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
All the high quality products can be picked up or delivered in just 1 to 2 business days.

Delivery to Any Location

2797 Millers Ferry Road
Ferris, TX 75125
Toll Free 866-673-8996
972-842- 8996


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