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Galapagos - Trip of a Lifetime

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Travel with the Dirt Doctor

Trip of a lifetime? That’s what a well traveled friend of mine told me about his trip to Galapagos about 10 years ago. As many of you know, travel has been for years now an important part of Logan’s, Judy’s and my education, as well as an important source of information for the users of our web site. Well, he was right. Other trips have been significant in many ways and you can view parts of them in the Travel Section of the site – however, Galapagos is the “Trip of a Lifetime.” 

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Here you’ll find a photographic review of this place made famous by Charles Darwin. I hope you enjoy these shots, but there is more to come. Some of my fellow travelers are better photographers than I and they will be sending some of their work to include.

                                                                  Travel with the Dirt Doctor

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