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Galls - Pest or Interesting Bit of Nature?



What are these growths in my trees? This is a very common question I get. There are many different kinds of galls. They are primarily caused by wasp, fly and aphid insects and are usually more cosmetic than damaging. But here is more information on the interesting growths called Galls.



content_img.7335.img.jpg     content_img.7336.img.jpg

content_img.7337.img.jpg     content_img.7338.img.jpg



To be proactive and help your trees resist galls and more serious pests, spray every few weeks with Garrett Juice and 3% Hydrogen peroxide. They can be mixed together. You do not have to double the water in the mix.

Products for pest control, lawn and garden care are available in independent garden retailers that stock natural organic products.  

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