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Garden Club - Fort Worth Awards 2005

CIVIC CONCERNS COMMITTEE of the Garden Club of Fort Worth

Beautiful Awards 2005

The Civic Concerns Committee of the Garden Club of Fort Worth named five winners for 2005.  The awards were presented at the closing luncheon on Friday, May 20, to the following recipients:

Broadway Plaza at City View:
Represented by Gwen Robb and Gina Graysneck

Kincaid Hamburgers:
Represented by Morris Gardner, Manager

Radio Shack Corporation
Represented by Ryan Montgomery, Jill Lane
Howard Garrett, Consultant on the project.

University of North Texas Health Science Center,
Represented by Stephen Barrett, Director of the Physical Plant
Jason Hartley, Community Relations for the Health Science Center.

Woodhaven Neighborhood Association,
Represented by Fran Bermes, designer of the project
Colleen Tierman

The Garden Club Beautiful award was given to each recipient and it may be displayed at the award winning location indefinitely. 

The Fort Worth Garden Club has given annual awards since 1987.   This year’s Civic Concerns Committee members are Taddie Hamilton, Shari Harris, Marion Snipes, Lois Tilley, Barbara VanGorder and Shirley Bain, Chairman



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