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It's Time to Plant Garlic





Garlic can be planted from large or small cloves, solid bulbs called "rounds" that didn't form cloves or from small bulblets (corms) that form around the bases of bulbs. Some cultivars form seeds in the seed heads that can also be used to grow new plants.


Planting garlic is something I strongly recommend for everyone. It's an easy plant to grow and has many uses. This link is an update to the information in my Herb Book. Garlic should be planted even by people who can't or don't eat it because of its natural pesticide uses.


Garlic Scapes of Serpent Garlic

Read more on Garlic at the following links: Garlic Plant, Garlic Beneficial, Garlic in Socks Experiment, Garlic Pepper Tea Recipe

A good source of quality garlic is the Gourmet Garlic Gardens website.




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Originally published 2012





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