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Garrett Juice History

Garrett Juice is a concept as much as a product. It evolved over a period of years as I explained to readers and callers how to make an effective organic foliar feeding mix. The mix has always had compost tea, molasses and seaweed, but the other ingredients have varied. Through trial and error, we came to the basic mix we use today. The current formula is a well-balanced blend of plant nutrients and food for both beneficial fungi and bacteria.


As always, my formulas are available for making the mix at home, but there are commercial products that we allow on the market for convenience. Two that currently have our approval are Nature’s Guide Garrett Juice and Medina Garrett Juice Plus that contains liquid fish. The fish makes the mix more powerful and more effective but either formula does several powerful things for the soil and for the plants. Garrett Juice is an excellent liquid fertilizer, an effective root stimulator, one of the best bud and flower producers and a basic soil life stimulator. To make your own, here are the instructions:

Garrett Juice (ready to spray):
Mix the following in a gallon of water.
1 cup compost tea or liquid humate
1 ounce of liquid molasses
1 ounce apple cider vinegar
1 ounce liquid seaweed

For Garrett Juice Plus and more fertilizer value add:
1- 2 ounces of liquid fish (fish hydrolysate) per gallon of spray.

For disease and insect control add:
¼ cup garlic tea,
¼ cup garlic/pepper tea,
1 - 2 ounce of orange oil 

For homemade fire ant killer called Mound Drench add:
2 ounces of orange oil per gallon of Garrett Juice.

To avoid burning plant foliage, the ready-to-use insect control solution should not have more than 2 ounces of orange oil per gallon of spray.

Garrett Juice Concentrate: Mix the following: 1 gallon of compost tea or liquid humate, 1 pint liquid seaweed, 1 pint apple cider vinegar, and 1 pint molasses. To make Garrett Juice Plus add 1 pint fish hydrolysate. Use 1½ cups of the above ingredients per gallon of water for the ready-to-use spray.

See more: Garrett Juice Video

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