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Gas Drilling

Heritage Trees Threatened in Fort Worth

Whether or not you live in Fort Worth, you may have an interest in the widely used Trinity Trails hike and bike path that winds along more than 30 miles of theTrinity River. It is one of the loveliest out-of-doors places left in Fort Worth to refresh mind, body and spirit. A particularlyserene section of the trail, enjoyed daily by hundreds of people,is now seriously threatened by urban gas drilling. (Many other sites are also threatened.)

The Fort Worth Weekly (NOT the Star-Telegram) got wind of this story and reported on it in the current issue. Reporter, Jesseca Bagherpour has done an admirable job of getting to the bottom of this potential tragedy. The accompanying photos can't do justice to what is at risk.You have to see this place to appreciate the majesty of it.

Don Young

PS: Tired of being pushed around by gas drillers and bought off elected officials? Feel hopeless and resigned? Pay particular attention to the last paragraph of this story and turn your APATHY into ACTION.

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